Sunday, March 13, 2005

THANK GOD! its over..

12 march_ Singapore Winds Symphony Concert @Ulu Pandan Community Centre
the concert was ok.. but to those neighbourhood students we sounded like a fantastic
band.. hehe.. so "suaku".. but after sometime not performing in a concert, it felt
great! overall, a job well done as we sightread the pieces every prac..
830pm_dinner with almadils @ our favourite raimah's
everyone was there except for aidil,whose taking a break rite now..
as usual, we proceeded to our favourite choo-choo-train..
we played t&t(twist of truth).. we went home shortly
after that.. i went to my sengkang house..

13 march_ Singapore winds Symphony Concert @Ulu Pandan Community Concert
finally, my tues and thrs are free! end of concert means i dun have to go to buona
vista on tue and thur anymore.. yayy! ok.. so boring, i cant wait to go to a school.. so
more gossips and hotstuffs.. hehe.. kk.. gtg!

<>hilfiger OUT<>

Friday, March 11, 2005


hey there..

its so odd to wake up early in e morning especially when im not schooling... well,my day starts as early as 9am.. yup,shit!im late!rushed to bathe,change,all in 30 minutes proceeded to N.A.F.A to meet alan.. supposed to meet at 10 but i came at 1015.. warmed up and all and soon nathania(my accompanist) came.. we started with a slow piece(souvenirs des alpes).. it was kinda awkward as it was my very first time playing with a piano player.. ^must remember to cue^ hehe.. then,got onto in modo finale, my fast piece.. continued practising with alan after that while we waited for madeni and joachim.. at around 3 they arrived.. nat,alan,madeni,joachim and i went to little india.. eeeee.. yup,the renowned mustafa centre.. well, it looks like MALAYSIA,truly sucky! the whole place reeks of all bad things.. finding for a cheapskate white bow tie was not easy after all.. we went to eat at an utterly disgusting coffeeshop(raimah's still my favourite).. then we we went along "kelantan road"(well it looks like it) where there was a lot of 2nd-hand stuff and hand-me-downs.. we then sent nat to the bus stop to take bus service 960.. we walked again to opp bugis junction to take bus service 12 to go to madeni's house.. yayy! so here i am blogging at madeni's house with 2 ppl analysing my every word.. dun wanna say who(ALAN and JOACHIM).. yup.. but once a bitch always a bitch.. so whatever! ok, so now we are waitng for haikal,shawn,lutfi and jeremy.. so gtg... see ya..

hilfiger out^

Thursday, March 10, 2005


hey hey..
i cant wait to go back to school.. well, i have applied for 3 poly course-Architecture,Interior Design and Landscape Architecture.. the rest are millenia institute-arts,science and commerce..i dun wanna go to mi.. so ppl, please pray for me that i can get a place in singapore poly.. i would have to go to nanyang academy of fine arts(music) if i get mi.. actually,its kinda cool to study music-history,harmony,analysis and e flute of course!hmmmm.. well enough about school..
TO- my dearest juniors of SPSMB
all e best in e upcoming syf.. may e best band win.. believe in urselves.. it is u who r participating, so dun let anyone stop u from doing ur best.. we can encourage u but ultimately,it is u who must go e extra mile to be e best.. everyone-esp e leaders pls have confidence and work hard, k?? JIAYU!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

FINALLY, i got a blog!

hey there ppl, HOTNEWS:HILMI HAS A BLOG!!
ok.. blogging is so weird.. its like im talking to myself.. well, i am.. so here goes..
its nearly 2 am, here i am trying to think of what to write while others are probably sleeping..

i dun want another pretty face
i dun want just anyone to hold
i dun want my love to go to waste
i WANT u and ur beautiful soul...

to all ALMADILs>i am grateful to have friends like u all.. we are a crazy bunch and ppl may call us bitches.. whatever.. at least we're good at it.. we are kept together by the things we do.. our camaraderie is amazing and i hope it stays that way.. well, thx for being there through my ups and downs, be it my breakup or a regular pms day, u all r always there for me..

i noe i havent been keeping up with the blogging and all but i will try k..